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Co-created by Teresa Catherine and Carly Otte, F’d (another effing web series) follows four NYC-millennials as they navigate those all-too-familiar quarter-life crises.

Being a millennial is hard enough. Add in the attempt to juggle a thriving career, a love life, and meaningful friendships, and it’s hard not to feel f’d. But our crew do the best they can, and find plenty of chances to laugh and learn along the way.

Catch our latest season at or Vimeo.

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Written by Teresa Catherine, Choosing Day explores the nature of courage, and the inherent necessity of fear to know courage. Set in a dystopian world, in which all citizens of The City are faced with the same choice on their Choosing Day--to stay and take their place, or to leave--one woman dared to leave. And she couldn't have imagined the consequences of her choice.

Starring: Teresa Catherine and Carly Otte

Directed by: Maureen Monterubio